Amherst Set to Dump Racist Mascot

A portrait of Lord Jeffery Amherst.

A British lord now best known for advocating biological warfare may be America’s most endangered mascot. At an informal vote at Amherst College on Monday night, faculty voted unanimously in favor of dumping the Massachusetts institution’s unofficial “Lord Jeff” mascot, reports the New York Times. The mascot represents Lord Jeffery Amherst, an 18th-century military commander and British governor of Virginia who helped end French rule in North America and, in 1763, suggested that a colonel give Native Americans smallpox-infected blankets and “try every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race.”

At a sit-in last week, protesters demanded the university’s president release a statement that “condemns the inherent racist nature of the unofficial mascot” and begin the process of removing Lord Jeff’s image from “apparel, memorabilia, facilities, etc.,” reports the Amherst Student. No such statement was issued, and a college-wide poll on getting rid of Lord Jeff was held on Tuesday. The result hasn’t been released yet, but an earlier survey found that 52% of students wanted to get a new mascot, the Student reports. The leading contender for a

Amish Man Runs Marathon Wearing Traditional Clothes

Leroy Stolzfus completed the 26.2-mile Harrisburg Marathon Nov. 8 in Pennsylvania despite running in his traditional Amish clothing.

(Newser) – An Amish man turned heads as he whizzed by fellow runners at a recent marathon—not because of his speed but because of his unusual racing attire. Leroy Stolzfus, 22, finished the 26.2-mile Harrisburg Marathon on Nov. 8 in just over three hours and five minutes, all while wearing his community’s traditional clothing, reports. Stolzfus said he’s used to running in slacks and suspenders, and he believes he would have run closer to a three-hour marathon if he hadn’t started out so fast. “I was feeling good, but I kind of almost crashed at mile 15,” Stolzfus said. His clothes were not a factor, the Gordonville resident insists, and he did wear sneakers.

“I had no pain whatsoever,” Stolzfus said. “It was more mental anguish than in my legs. You have to train yourself not to think about it. It will just slow you down.” Stolzfus, who finished under a minute short of

CNN Ignores Lawsuit Threat, Airs Film on Campus Rape

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Jameis Winston warms up before a game on Nov. 22.

(Newser) – CNN aired a documentary about campus rape Sunday night—and this one came with the threat of a lawsuit ahead of time. The network ran The Hunting Ground, a documentary first seen at the Sundance Film Festival, reports NPR. The most controversial part includes an interview with Erica Kinsman, who accuses football star Jameis Winston of sexually assaulting her while at Florida State. Winston, a Heisman winner who is now a quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, never faced criminal rape charges, and the school cleared him of misconduct, notes the New York Times. Kinsman is suing Winston, however, and Winston’s lawyers now may do the same to CNN, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

“We are writing to formally caution CNN that the portions of the film ‘The Hunting Ground’ pertaining to Mr. Winston are false and defamatory to Mr. Winston,” says a letter to CNN obtained by the site ahead of Sunday’s airing. But CNN shot back in a statement that it is “proud

Women’s sport participation and gender equality African women in the beautiful game

Despite a notably high percentage of women in political positions, South Africa has high rates of rape and domestic violence, suggesting poor gender equality, widespread discrimination and male dominance in (South) Africa. Ogunniyi’s recent research in South African Review of Sociology, examines women’s involvement in sport, specifically soccer and its impact on balance of gender power in South Africa on National, community and personal levels.

The earliest documented women’s soccer in Scotland, 1888 was the start of an emergent European trend, but faced resistance to women at competition level due to their being too delicate for the physical demands of the game. Women in soccer also presented problematic challenges to the stereotypical woman as homebound caregiver.

There has since been rapid progress with a few significant firsts; women’s UEFA International tournament in 1982, FIFA women’s World Cup in 1991, South African National women’s team in 1993 and sponsored women’s South African League in 2001. This paints a positive picture; sport is known to improve women’s self-esteem, confidence, to challenge gender inequalities through constructive male-female relationships and increase educational opportunities.

However African women broadly are still subject to patriarchy, poverty, sexual and domestic violence and lack of freedom and education. Gender

Royals Win Longest Ever World Series Opener

Alcides Escobar started the World Series with a jolt. Five hours later, he ended the longest opener ever with a jump—into the arms of his joyous Kansas City Royals teammates. Saved by Alex Gordon’s tying home run in the ninth inning off Mets closer Jeurys Familia, the Royals won in the 14th when Eric Hosmer’s sacrifice fly scored Escobar for a 5-4 win over New York early Wednesday morning in Kansas City. This tied for the longest World Series game in history, and it had a little bit of everything. A lot of everything, actually. Escobar hit an inside-the-park homer on the very first pitch from Matt Harvey. Later, a power failure caused the national TV audience and the team’s replay rooms to go dark.

The nearer it got to midnight Tuesday—and beyond—the more oddly the ball bounced. In the 11th, Salvador Perez grounded a single that hit the third-base bag and caromed high in the air. In the 12th, Daniel Murphy struck out on a pitch that got past Perez—it ricocheted off the backstop to the Royals catcher, who threw out Murphy at first. Then, in the 14th, Escobar reached on an error by third baseman David Wright.

Royals Go Up 2-0 in World Series

Johnny Cueto pitched a two-hitter, Eric Hosmer drove in two more runs, and the Kansas City Royals beat the New York Mets 7-1 in Kansas City Wednesday night to take a 2-0 lead in the World Series. Cueto struck out four, walked three, and reinforced why the Royals got the dreadlocked ace from Cincinnati in late July. The crowd at Kauffman Stadium fed off the excitable righty, standing and chanting his name. Just 19 hours after his sacrifice fly won a 14-inning thriller, Hosmer hit a tiebreaking two-run single off Jacob deGrom in a four-run fifth. He has 15 RBIs in 13 games this postseason.

Following the final out, several hundred fans remained in Kauffman Stadium, wanting one more look at the Royals. The next time they see Hosmer and his teammates may be in a parade. The team can capture their first title since 1985 when play resumes at New York’s Citi Field this weekend, starting with Game 3 on Friday night. Mets rookie Noah Syndergaard will face Yordano Ventura in a matchup of young aces who throw 100mph heat.

Huge Error Late Puts Mets in Big World Series Hole

The Kansas City Royals rallied for three runs in the eighth inning after second baseman Daniel Murphy’s error and startled the New York Mets 5-3 Saturday night for a 3-1 lead in the World Series. Mets rookie Michael Conforto hit two home runs, and a sellout crowd kept getting louder and louder on Halloween night. But the fans at Citi Field gasped, then went silent after Murphy’s misplay. He let Eric Hosmer’s grounder go under his glove with one out, allowing the tying run to score. Mike Moustakas and Salvador Perez followed with RBI singles.

The Royals posted their seventh postseason comeback win this October. Now, one more victory in November will clinch their first crown since 1985. Edinson Volquez, who pitched Game 1 for Kansas City only hours after his father died, has returned from the funeral and will start Game 5 Sunday night. Matt Harvey starts for the Mets. Murphy had been the team’s big star heading into the World Series, having homered in six consecutive playoff games.

Royals Win World Series in Extra Innings

The Kansas City Royals won their first World Series crown since 1985, rallying in the ninth inning when Eric Hosmer scrambled home to tie it and then breaking away in the 12th to beat the New York Mets 7-2 in Game 5 Sunday night. The daring Royals capped their postseason full of comebacks with a dash for the ages, and made up for last year’s near-win in a Game 7 loss to San Francisco. Hosmer’s alert sprint home from third base on a grounder finished off a two-run burst in the ninth against Matt Harvey and closer Jeurys Familia.

Then in the 12th, pinch hitter Christian Colon delivered a tiebreaking single in his first appearance of this postseason. Lorenzo Cain added a three-run double. Royals starter Edinson Volquez threw two-hit ball for six innings, pitching a day after returning from his father’s funeral in the Dominican Republic. Harvey pitched eight shutout innings for the Mets, then successfully argued to be allowed to start the ninth. He gave up a leadoff walk and a double before being pulled for Familia, who suffered his third blown save of the World Series.

Salvador Perez Is World Series MVP

Salvador Perez took foul balls off his mask, collarbone, and fingers, and the Kansas City catcher kept on bouncing back, like some indestructible test dummy. No bruise was too painful; no ache was too much to overcome. Not only did he anchor the pitching staff, he hit .364 (8 for 22) and was voted the Most Valuable Player in the Royals’ five-game World Series win over the New York Mets that culminated in a 7-2, 12-inning victory early Monday morning. “Now I don’t feel pain. I don’t feel nothing,” he said. Last year against San Francisco, Perez hit a foul pop to Pablo Sandoval for the Series’ final out, with the potential tying run at third.

This year, his grounder drove in the tying run as Kansas City rallied for two runs in the ninth inning. Then he singled leading off the 12th, setting up pinch runner Jarrod Dyson to score the go-ahead run on pinch hitter Christian Colon’s single. He took a foul tip off the mask in Game 4 of the AL Division Series, and in Game 4 of the World Series, he was staggered by a tip off his collarbone. “He’s never going to say nothing,”

Ex Caddie Unloads on Tiger in Tell All

Tiger Woods’ former caddie Steve Williams says he was “hung out to dry” by Woods’ management when the golfer’s infidelities came to light in 2009, and was at times treated as a “slave” on the course. A New Zealand newspaper Sunday published a chapter of Williams’ tell-all, Out of the Rough, in which the New Zealand-born caddie describes learning of Woods’ affairs, followed by a four-month silence as the golfer’s marriage, career, and reputation fell apart. While Williams says he was angry, Woods “was still a friend in trouble and I was going to stick by him. I did that even though people were accusing me of being an enabler, saying I was lying when I stated clearly that I knew nothing about this.” Other excerpts:

  • On Woods’ management: “I repeatedly asked for Tiger’s management to release a statement that would clear me of any involvement in this lurid news. They simply wouldn’t do it. Angry, frustrated, and hung out to dry, I was also in limbo about when I would next work.”
  • On why he stayed: “I felt incredibly loyal to Tiger—this was the toughest time of his life and I wasn’t going to ditch him.”
  • When Woods finally did reach

Why 2 Protesters Disrupted Monday Night Football

Monday night’s football game between the Colts and the Panthers included a surprise appearance from two protesters who rappelled from the upper deck of Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC, and unfurled a banner about, yes, Bank of America. More specifically, the banner urged the bank to “Dump Dominion,” referring to the energy company, reports USA Today. The protesters were making a point against a proposed natural gas facility that Dominion is seeking federal approval to build at Maryland’s Cove Point, reports the Baltimore Sun. “We Are Cove Point activists are now calling on Bank of America and other lending institutions to stop financing Dominion,” says the activist group in a statement on its website.

The News & Observer says the protesters were a man and a woman in full rappel gear, and the group identifies them as John Nicholson and Rica Madrid. “America doesn’t need more cheap fuel on the market, and we especially don’t need to export those resources overseas,” says a statement from Madrid. Both were arrested after the third-quarter stunt, and the group is seeking donations for their bail. Dominion has said previously that critics are distorting facts about the proposed plant,

Much of Team’s Defense of Redskins Isn’t Printable

The Washington Redskins are trying to overturn a court ruling and preserve the trademark of their name, and team lawyers filed a remarkable court briefing last week. In it, they reel off a list of other names that have won trademark protection, with the basic argument of, wait, you let these through but think “Redskins” is offensive? The Washington Post notes that many of them can’t be printed in its newspaper, but some of the ones it could print will give you a general idea: Take Yo Panties Off clothing, Dangerous Negro shirts, Midget-Man condoms and inflatable sex dolls, Party With Sluts, Redneck Army apparel, and Dumb Blonde hair products. In fact, the brief reads as if it were written by Andrew Dice Clay, notes Deadspin, which quotes it in all its glory.

The team argues that not only have other dicey names received trademark protection, but that it would be a violation of First Amendment rights to block them. “A ban on registering ‘disparaging’ trademarks unconstitutionally burdens speech based on content and viewpoint, just as would a ban on registering copyrights for ‘disparaging’ books,” write the team’s attorneys. Sports Illustrated called some of the companies named in the

NHL Star’s Rape Case Dismissed

Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane can breathe easy knowing that a rape case against him will proceed no further. “The totality of the credible evidence … does not sufficiently substantiate the complainant’s allegation that she was raped by Patrick Kane and this so-called ‘case’ is rife with reasonable doubt,” Erie County DA Frank Sedita says in a statement, per the Buffalo News, adding the case will not be presented to a grand jury. A 21-year-old woman alleged Kane, 26, sexually assaulted her while the pair were alone in a bedroom at his home in Hamburg, NY, on Aug. 2, after meeting at a Buffalo bar. However, the woman told investigators this week that she no longer wanted to participate in the investigation because it was causing stress on her and her family.

“After fully discussing all the circumstances with my attorney, I have decided I do not wish to criminally prosecute the charges which stem out of this investigation,” she said in a signed “Non-Prosecution Affidavit,” per NBC Chicago. While Kane’s DNA was found on the woman’s shoulders and fingernails, there was no trace on her genital area or undergarments. “The DNA results lend no corroboration whatsoever to the

Pentagon Paid Sports Teams to Stage Patriotic Events

Does your heart swell with pride when an American flag is unfurled at a major sporting event? If so, know that you paid for the sensation. The Pentagon has shelled out about $10 million to sports franchises over the past five years for advertising and promotion, including $6.8 million that went toward staging “paid patriotism” events such as enlistment ceremonies and the reunions of soldiers and their families, report Bloomberg and USA Today. The finding comes in a scathing report from Sens. Jeff Flake and John McCain, which describes the spending as “inappropriate and frivolous,” per NBC News. More than $6 million went to NFL teams, including almost $900,000 to the Atlanta Falcons. The team was paid $315,000 for a single event in 2013, during which an American flag was spread across the Georgia Dome’s field.

People assume the events “are paid for out of the goodness of the heart by the owners and the teams,” Flake says. “To find out taxpayers are paying for it, it cheapens the whole lot.” Back in July, the acting undersecretary of defense told Flake that it was difficult to meet recruiting goals with the upturn in the economy and that “sports events

Man With Down Syndrome Lives Bodybuilding Dream

When Collin Clark first spotted bodybuilder Glenn Ubelhor prepping for a competition, the young man was working the desk at an Indiana gym. The next thing he knew, the two had become friends—and he was training alongside him, WFIE reports. Now, a year later, the 22-year-old Evansville man with Down syndrome is getting ready to enter his own bodybuilding contest: He’ll be competing Nov. 13-14 at the Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships in Louisville, with a stage routine set to AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” per WDRB. “I’m so happy to be doing this,” Clark says. “Bodybuilding is in my blood. … I always wanted to do this, ever since I was a kid.” It wasn’t an easy feat for Clark, who had to go on a strict diet and work out regularly to shed 60 pounds and get into trophy-worthy shape for the 60-second routine, WFIE notes.

But he kept his motivation up through his workouts with Ubelhor, telling the station, “I watch bodybuilders all around the world, and it inspires me to work harder and train harder.” Ubelhor, for his part, expresses admiration for Clark’s work ethic and dedication. “That’s Collin, he’s just hungry,” he says. “He’s never nervous.

The Precipitous Fall of an Olympic Figure Skater

Debi Thomas is living in a bug-infested trailer in the Appalachian Mountains, broke and unemployed, the Huffington Post reports. But it wasn’t always like this. Three decades ago, Thomas was a champion figure skater. She won both the US and World Championships and became the first African-American athlete to medal at the Winter Olympics. After her figure-skating career ended, she became a certified orthopedic surgeon. Then things changed. She says two failed marriages cost her her nest egg, and she had to close her private practice after only two years. She also lost custody of her 13-year-old son.

Now the 48-year-old Thomas is stuck in a mobile home with her fiancé, who has issues with anger and alcohol; his two sons; and a swarm of bedbugs, the Huffington Post reports. According to the New York Daily News, Thomas was reduced to begging fans for money through a GoFundMe page set up 10 months ago. “What we need now is help keeping our heads above water until we can make our dreams a reality,” she states in a video on the page. One of those dreams: a reality show. But she and her fiancé raised less than a quarter of

Russia’s Doping a State Sanctioned Regime

Russian athletes should be banned from the Rio Olympics and future track and field competitions, say authors of a scathing new report on the country’s systematic doping program. The report, the result of a 10-month investigation from an independent commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency, says top athletes, coaches, trainers, doctors, members of Russian law enforcement agencies, Russia’s own anti-doping agency, and a lab that handled testing for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, were in on the scheme, which involved payments to conceal doping tests, 1,400 destroyed samples, and leaking dates of tests to athletes, reports the New York Times. Since the Russian government provides funding and oversight to the implicated institutions, the system “was effectively a state-sponsored regime,” the report says.

The report also finds the 2012 London Olympics were “sabotaged” by “widespread inaction” against athletes with dubious doping profiles, reports the BBC. “It’s worse than we thought,” says a co-author, noting the evidence has been turned over to Interpol. “This level of corruption attacks sport at its core,” adds another. “The Russians themselves have said there are vestiges of the old Soviet system, old-guard coaches who haven’t changed and can’t change.” Russia, which got a look at the

Former Star MLB Pitcher Dead at 29

Tommy Hanson, the friendly pitcher known as “Big Red” whose MLB career was stalled by injuries and personal loss, died Monday night at the age of 29, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Hanson, who pitched four seasons for the Atlanta Braves and ended his major league stint with the Los Angeles Angels in 2013, started having breathing troubles on Sunday and fell into a coma at Atlanta’s Piedmont Hospital on Monday after suffering “catastrophic organ failure,” multiple sources tell WSB-TV. The 6-foot-6-inch 220-pounder, who was 49-35 with a 3.80 ERA over his career, had been scooped up by the Braves in the 22nd round of the 2005 draft and was eyed as a future star, ESPN notes. He went on to place third in votes in the National League’s 2009 Rookie of the Year contest, per USA Today.

But things went downhill from there. Hanson suffered injuries over the next few years, including his shoulder and a concussion, WSB notes. And the death of his stepbrother in 2013 sent him reeling: He took two separate breaks from the Angels to mourn, USA Today reports. “I was having mental issues with the death of my younger brother,” he said at the

Raiders Player Could Be in Trouble for Barking at Dog

An Oakland Raiders linebacker is facing up to seven years in prison after he allegedly barked at a police dog shortly before playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field last Sunday, Penn Live reports. According to the Guardian, K-9 Banditt was looking for explosives at the stadium when Ray-Ray Armstrong reportedly lifted up his shirt, pounded on his chest, and barked at the police dog. The officer with Banditt described Armstrong’s behavior as “aggressive and confrontational” toward the dog, WTAE reports. “The player was leaving the locker room, en route to the field, when he engaged in conduct that was very intimidating and threatening,” a sheriff’s office spokesperson says.

Penn Live reports taunting a police dog is a felony in Pennsylvania and carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison and a $15,000 fine. Officials are reviewing security camera footage and eyewitness accounts before deciding whether to press charges, which could come by the end of the week. According to WTAE, Armstrong was not arrested following the incident and he did play in the game, recording one tackle against the Steelers. Raiders coach Jack Del Rio doesn’t seem too concerned about possible charges. “I’m going to put

Ronda Rousey Loses Title Fight in Stunner

Ronda Rousey was the UFC’s unstoppable force until Holly Holm produced one of the sport’s biggest upsets. Rousey chased Holm around the ring at UFC 193 on Sunday looking for the right hold and taking head shots—until Holm saw an opening 59 seconds into the second round and snapped a kick to the head that immediately dropped Rousey. Holm (10-0) jumped on the prone Rousey, delivering several blows to her head before the referee intervened, ending Rousey’s 12-fight unbeaten run and handing Holm the bantamweight title. An ecstatic Holm jumped around the ring while Rousey stayed on the canvas as she received treatment amid the roar of a stunned, record UFC crowd. “She’s won a lot of fights,” Holm said. “So I expected her to be aggressive and impose her will on me.”

“She had me on the cage for a minute and obviously she was trying in for a take down right there … she had a lot of things she was trying so I’m just glad I put in the practice,” she added. Rousey, a former judo Olympian, was unbeaten through 12 UFC fights before meeting Holm. Instead, Holm, a 34-year-old veteran from Albuquerque, has the championship

Yoga Class Nixed for Being Offensive

Newser) – For the past seven years, Jennifer Scharf has been teaching a yoga class for disabled students at the University of Ottawa, and she was all set to start it up again in September, the CBC reports. But an email from the school’s Center for Students With Disabilities, part of the larger Student Federation, put the kibosh on her plans, informing her that the classes had been canceled. Scharf figured it was a money issue and volunteered to teach for free, but she soon found out the real reason, the Washington Post reports. “I have heard from a couple students and volunteers [who] feel uncomfortable with how we are doing yoga,” a center rep emailed her. “Yoga has been under a lot of controversy lately due to how it is being practiced and what practices from what cultures … they are being taken from. Many of these cultures are cultures that have experienced oppression, cultural genocide, and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy.”

And there is indeed a movement against yoga’s commercialization, including from the Hindu American Foundation, whose “Take Back Yoga” campaign has been fighting what it believes to be a form of cultural

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